To ensure the success of large scale solar projects, we do the following:

Topographic Survey

Using drone technology we map both the boundaries and undulations of the site. State of the art software enables us to plot the most efficient and economical panel placement and services to the site.

Geo Tech and Test Pile Driving

Core sampling and test pile diving allows us determine the optimum spacing between piles thus saving money on unnecessary materials and labour.

Pile Driving

Our Mazaka 1000 is the perfect machine for solar farm construction. In addition to the obvious job of driving or screwing in the supports, we can also provide boundary fencing and guard railing to protect the infrastructure of the solar farm. Both pile driving and screwing are more cost effective than the bore and concrete option.

Racking and Panel Installation

We are able to provide one effective and affordable team to simplify the logistics of solar farm construction. Utilising our own transport fleet we are able to reduce the required capital to a minimum by employing “just in time” delivery to the site. This also minimises the risk of theft.

Electrical Installation and Commissioning

Our team of CEC qualified electricians monitor and supervise every step in the construction phase. This enables them to commission the project within the timeline set by the project manage. All work is fully compliant with Australian Standards and warranted. All relevant certifications are provided upon completion and commissioning.

Component Supply

We can supply all components at competitive pricing. All components carry a full manufacturer’s guarantee and we guarantee all workmanship.

Scope of Work

We provide a full turnkey solution for your solar needs