We provide the following Solar Farm planning services to support your project, anywhere in Australia.

Geo Tech Survey

BeforeInstallationof piles, a Geo-tech Survey should be done. This is done by coring multiple holes in the ground at the proposed location of the Solar Farm. This allows the engineers to examine the soil structure at specific depths. The engineer can then give preliminary advice on pile separation and depth to ensure structural stability in the foundation. This is the first step of any project and should be done on all solar ground mount installations.

Test Pile Driving and Tensile Tests

For Solar Farms, we offer pile drive testing this is a crucial part of the design and planning process. Test piles are driven into the ground in multiple locations on site, we then use test equipment to pull the piles out and record the force required, this then allows us to determine the maximum distances between foundations and saving costs on equipment and installation. This process is normally done on 3MW and larger projects.

Topographic Surveys

These surveys are used to identify and map contours of the surrounding land. This allows us to mark out boundaries of the site. Then utilizing state of the art GPS and Laser surveying equipment we multiple the marking points to allow accurate construction of the Solar Farm. Typically, this is done on 1MW projects and above.


Our machines also allow us to install fencing for the perimeter of the Solar Farm, this can be done first to secure the site and help reduce insurance costs.


Customers can choose a single service or we can offer package deals of multiple services. All packages are fully customisable, please speak to us about what options may best suit your needs.